Antique Swiss Family Robinson book -undated but between 1873-1879


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The Swiss Family Robinson, “an account of the adventures of a Swiss pastor and his family on an uninhabited Island”. Translated by Henry Frith. Published London: Ward, Lock & Co., Limited. New York and Melbourne.

There are 200 illustrations in this beautiful Antique book. I actually do not really know the worth of this book because I can’t find another one like it, so I would imagine it would be categorized as rare or scarce.

All pages present and secure.

This book is undated but I definitely know it was printed between the years of 1873 and 1879. This is because it was just after 1879 Ward & Lock opened offices in New York and London, and in 1879 they changed their name again to ward, Lock, Bowden Ltd. You can read more about this specifically and the full printing history Ward, Lock & Co at this link :


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