Welcome to Ash Tree Books! We are a NEW online bookstore, just starting to sprout  Here, you’ll find love for Old books, especially Antiquarian books with a special charm to them.  Collectible books will also be listed for sale here that have something significant to them, perhaps a special edition, printing date or authors signature.

We do not have a physical storefront, we are an Online bookstore based in Canada.  All of our books listed are priced in Canadian Dollars (CAD).  * We have the capability to accept payment by credit card, PayPal,  or if you prefer e-transfer.  Whatever is easiest for you!

There is not yet a large number of books up, as this takes time but we will post at least one new book on a daily basis! Check out our “New In” section daily on our homepage to see the latest books posted!

Ash Tree Books wants to be a unique online bookstore and hope that it will be one you enjoy returning to! 🙂 That’s right! Ash Tree book’s hopes to grow on you! One thing that makes us stand out is how many pictures we meticulously post for each book we have up for sale.  We want you to really see exactly the condition of the book you may be considering to buy with us.  So please check out the gallery images attached to every book post! 

 With all the books we post, whenever possible we will provide a couple of links to others selling the very same edition or similar edition.  This way, anyone browsing our book posting can conveniently browse a couple more posts of the same edition.  This way, if you love the book we have posted, you have more resources just a click away to help in finding the perfect copy of it for yourself, even if it is not our copy for sale!

We never base our prices on what other individual sellers are listed their books for, we decide our price based on the current book collector market, the condition of the book and proper expertise as an Antiquarian book appraiser. 

 Ash tree

We promise to be prompt in processing and shipping all orders. Collectible books make GREAT gifts! Want us to gift wrap a book before we send it out? No problem, with any purchases over 50$ we’d be happy to do that for you!

If you have any questions or just want to talk about a book that is posted here at Ash Tree Books, please reach out by email or phone.

Ash Tree Books also has a Collectors Book Blog section. This is a blog to discuss book collecting! I post one article every week in relation to collecting Antiquarian and Collectible Literary Works.  Feel free to engage and leave comments below the articles.

Have any questions or comments?  Let’s hear them!  I will answer as promptly as possible: admin@ashtreebook.com

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