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Cover to cover: adventures of a young book-binder in Kuala Lumpur

Luqman showing the process of 'threading' where pages are aligned in the sewing frame before being bound together.
Interview with Luqman Azhar, a bookbinder and restorer. Photo credit: — AZLINA ABDULLAH/The Star
Luqman hard at work during an on-call service in a client’s home library.  Photo: The Star/Azlina Abdullah
A view of books with damaged spines – typically caused by aggressive folding – needing new covers and dust jackets. Photo: The Star/Azlina Abdullah
A closer look at ‘threading,’ where individual book pages are sewn together using a sewing frame before the cover is added to the spine.  Photo: The Star/Azlina Abdullah
A closer look at the spine of the book ‘Salmon Botanologia, 1710’ while Luqman sets up the book-binding equipment. Photo: The Star/Azlina Abdullah
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